Tips how to use trams, buses and subway in Prague

SUMMARY OF IMPORTANT INFO: Prague’s integrated public transportation network website. “Transport around Prague”  “Journey Planner” allows you to organize your journey according to transportation stops. The website is also filled with much more detailed info about the city transit system, (English & German version). Allows you to you’re your journey not only in Prague, and is reliable.

We recommend walking much of the city if you are close to the center. When you have to travel a bit longer, we suggest you take advantage of the mass transit system in Prague rather than taxi

The mass transit system in Prague is excellent and there is no need to have a car within the city. There is an extensive coverage of buses, trams, and 3 subway lines that includes the whole city AND airport. The downtown is intersected by three metro lines, A (green), B (yellow), and C (red). The metro operates daily from 5 am to midnight and runs every 2 to 10 minutes. The tram system includes daytime operations from 4.30 am until around or after midnight. If you are up particularly late and need to get around, there is also a night tram system that operates from midnight to 4.30 am (night trams are denoted by numbers in the 50s). Be aware that night transportation does not follow the same path as the day trams. Buses run mostly outside the downtown area. There are even trains that are included in the system. Again, You can find detailed information, current prices and trip planning services on the Prague Mass Transit website

TRAM ETIQUETTE: Able-bodied people are expected to vacate a seat for any elderly or disabled person in sight. You can see multiple people jump out of their seats and gesture to sit when an elderly woman gets on the tram.