Prague: How to buy tickets for buses, trams and subway?

A single ride fare on any form of mass transportation is 24Kc. This ticket is good only for a 30 min or 5 metro stops or whatever comes first. If you have to transfer during your trip or have to go a longer distance, you will have to buy the full fare for 32Kc

You can find ticket machines at any metro station, transportation info centers, some newsstands, and also sometimes at tourist info centers. You can also buy a 1-day pass (110Kc), 3-day pass (310Kc), 30-day pass (670Kc) or even 1-year pass. Note that the difference between the 5-day and 30-day pass is not all that much, so if you’re staying in Prague for a couple weeks, it may be more economical to buy the month-long pass.

Also, it should be mentioned that large luggage or parcels should have a ticket of its own that can be bought for 16Kc. This does not include baby carriages nor bikes.

Don’t forget to validate your tickets in the yellow ticket validator when getting on any tram or bus or entering the required ticket zone of the metro.

Ticket inspectors. There are no physical barriers preventing you from using any mass transit. Instead, plain clothes ticket inspectors patrol and ask passengers to present their tickets. Failure to present a ticket will cost you 1500Kc. The ticket inspectors are not known to be very forgiving and are very good at getting this money from people! Unfortunately, looking like you are lost with your luggage only makes you more of a target.

Don’t forget to check for current prices, fines and other unforeseen changes!