Prague: Traditional, High-End or Vegetarian?

Naturally, you’ll come across Czech cuisine all over Prague. Most of the restaurants will be decent but few of them stand out above others. A good starting point are the Pilsner-Urquell Kolkovna group restaurants such as Celnice and Olympia, all of which are a cut above the usual Czech pub. In addition, we have comprised a list of a few Czech restaurants that we would consider highly recommended below:

Traditional Reastaurants in Prague

Restaurant in Prague

    • Hybernia
      (Hybernská 7/1033, Praha 1,) – map here
      Newly renovated restaurant in the historic building. The restaurant is divided into smoking and non-smoking section.

Restaurant in Prague

    • U Slovanské Lípy
      (Koněvova 1, Prague 3)
      This historic pub deep in the Žižkov neighborhood serves the best Czech food in the area.


    • V Korunní
      (Korunní 39, Prague 2) – map here
      A busy Czech pub mostly filled with locals located in the Vinohrady neighborhood. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but the food notably tastier than just about anywhere else. They specialize in hefty, Czech classics – big, saucy plates of meat and potatoes (or dumplings). The goulash with potato pancakes is actually the best I’ve had in Prague.

Restaurant in Prague

    • U knihovny
      (Veleslavínova 10, Prague 1)
      This traditional pub is hidden between old town square and the Staroměstská metro. It does an excellent job for what it is- serving simple, delicious Czech food, centrally-located and very cheap. Mostly for the latter reason, it is quite difficult to get a table in favor of the locals that frequent the pub.


  • Lokál
    (Dlouhá 33, Prague 1)
    Extremely popular restaurant and also included in our list beer recommendations. The commotion inside isn’t for everyone, but the modern takes on Czech classics (such as schnitzel, fried cheese, and potato salad) are unique and expertly executed. And, hey, if you don’t want to eat, it’s also a great place for a beer anyhow.

HIGH-END Restaurants in Prague

    • Café Savoy
      (Vítězná 5, Prague 5) – Gallerymap here
      A restaurant known by everyone in Prague travelers and celebrities alike. This restaurant knows itself well and is consistently on the highest of standards. It does not exclusively serve Czech food but what it does serve is perfected.

Restaurant in Prague

  • La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise
    (Haštalská 18, Prague 1) Gallerymap here
    Thought as being the very best restaurants that Prague has to offer. This ultra-gourmet restaurant is inspired by Czech cuisine, ingredients and wine. It’s not only for foodies, as everything served here is delicious and flawless. This masterfully-executed, multiple-course, wine-paired dining experience will set you back quite a bit. If your budget will allow such an experience, it is highly recommended.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Prague

Meat is a staple of most main Czech meals, so it can be challenging for vegetarians to find a good spot to dine in Prague. Some Czech menus will have a small selection of food without animal meat “bezmasá jídla.” Among these you can usually find a few salads and some hot entrées such as fried cheese (smažený sýr), fried mushrooms (smažené žampiony) and other high-caloric treats. However, vegan is much more of a challenge, as many of these dishes may contain or be served with sides that have animal products in them anyhow.

For those true vegetarians, we have provided a list a good vegetarian options in Prague from cheap to gourmet. A list of markets specializing in vegetarian food can be found below:

    • Maitrea
      (Týnská 6, Prague 1) – map here
      Located a short distance from Old Town Square, this modern, sleek vegetarian restaurant has a feeling of a peaceful, artistic garden. Get some beautifully designed mixed-vegetable plates with hummus and dips, spicy foreign treats, or even vegetarian versions of some classic Czech favorites.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Prague

    • Lehká Hlava
      (Boršov 2, Prague 1) – map here
      Many consider this place to be one of the best vegetarian restaurants in town. You can get some sincerely filling, hearty, and nicely-spiced vegan dishes that most non-vegetarians would have no complaint about. Because of its popularity central location near Charles Bridge, it can be difficult to get a table during peak meal hours.


    • Café Radost FX
      (Bělehradská 120, Prague 2) – map here
      Radost is a long-loved staple of hip nightlife, Djs, and cocktails, but also includes a cafe serving American-style brunch on the weekends and dinner all week with extensive vegetarian options. There is an extremely hip décor with calm house music usually playing in the background. Nice option to enjoy a vegetarian meal while sitting on a sequin and zebra print-upholstered throne.


    • Velryba
      (Opatovická 24, Prague 1) – map here‎
      Not vegetarian per se, but the menu has a beefed-up (ahem) vegetarian menu compared to the usual Czech restaurant. The food is good and reasonably priced, so it would be a good option as a compromise for carnivores and herbivores. It has a fun, lively atmosphere and is quite popular with a younger crowd.


    • Loving hut
      (Praha 1, Truhlářská 20, Praha 2, Londýnská 35) – map here
      Multiple locations with hearty and playful vegan food.


    • Country Life
      (Melantrichova 15, Prague 1) – map here
      One of the first vegan restaurants that you’re bound to hear of if living in Prague. The food is served buffet style and often serves vegetarian versions of Czech cuisine often by substituting meat for tofu, tempeh, or seitan. There is a vegan/organic food market next to the restaurant.


    • Beas Dhaba
      (Týnská 19, Prague 1 – map here; Vladislavova 24, Prague 1 – map here; Bělehradská 90, Prague 2 – map here)
      Multiple locations throughout the city. These restaruants offers simple mildly-spiced indian food with a few options to pick from from their buffet. Beans, veggies, and rice – healthy and simple.


  • Govinda
    (Soukenická 27, Prague 1) – map here
    Similar to Beas in style and flavor. Order a larger or small plate of food and choose how you want to fill it up. Hare-Krishna owned and Hare-Krishna feel to the environment.