Food and Markets

supermarkets in Prague If you are coming to Prague from Western Europe, Great Britain, Australia, or the US, you’ll find that generally food is less expensive in the Czech Republic.

There are many large supermarkets in Prague where you can find familiar western brands of food, but also small local stores that often specialize in specific products:

  • reznictvi (butchers)
  • uzeniny (smoked meats)
  • drubez (poultry)
  • zelenina (vegetables)

The main large supermarkets are:

  • Billa
  • Lidl
  • Albert
  • Kaufland
  • Globus
  • Tesco

Supermarket Billagrocery store in PragueSupermarket in Praguefood store in Prague


The larger stores are often quite crowded, and some Czechs prefer the smaller stores for their more personal atmosphere.

When walking into a small store you may be greeted with “dobry den” which you should reply to by also saying “dobry den.” Organic food “BIO” products are also starting to be popular and can be found at most supermarkets and farmer’s markets.

supermarkets in Prague

PRAGUE TIP: If you’re up late and need some simple snacks or drinks, you can look for a Vecerka (usually close around 9-12PM) or even a NON-STOP (open all hours, as the name implies).

supermarkets in Prague

Farmer’s markets in Prague

Farmer’s markets are also starting to catch on in Prague. You can find many delicious locally grown products during the right time of year. The best ones can be found at Dejvicka (map link), namesti Jiriho z Podebrad (map link), and the Naplavka (map link). The seasonal hours and events can be found at

Farmer Market in Prague

Farmer Market in Prague

Farmer Market in Prague