Czech Cuisine

For those of you who like their meat and potatoes, Czech Cuisine is likely to suit your fancy. The food can be heavy and in big portions but delicious when done well. A typical meal will consist of meat (chicken, pork, beef) and a side (potatoes, dumplings, rice). Do not expect to get many vegetables on your plate. The small vegetable side “obloha” that comes with many meals usually consists of single slice of lettuce and bits of other vegetables If you want a serious portion of vegetables, instead order a salad of your choice.

Czech Food - Beef Goulash

Beef Goulash

Czech specialties

For those of you who want to sample some more traditional Czech specialties, a list is provided below:

  • Svíčková – a slice of beef tenderloin in a thick cream sauce made of root vegetables and served with dumplings. The beef is topped with whipped cream and fruit preserves.
  • Guláš – This Czech relative of the Hungarian original is stewed beef flavored with onions, paprika and cumin. Served with dumplings.
  • Vepřo-knedlo-zelo – Pork-dumpling-sauerkraut. Speaks for itself. A hearty Czech favorite.
  • Česnečka – Garlic soup with ham, cheese and potatoes.
  • Čočková – lentil soup
  • Bramboračka – Thick potato soup, sometimes with mushrooms when they are in season.
  • Gulášovka – Goulash soup that sometimes is served in a bread bowl
  • Smažený sýr- Fried cheese. Available in most food-serving pubs that serve food and often one of the only vegetarian options. Often served with tartar sauce and french fries.
  • Pstruh – Trout. There aren’t many big bodies of water in the Czech Republic filled with fish, but their trout is often prepared quite nicely.
Czech Food - Svickova

Svíčková with Dumplings

Dumplings with smoked meat

Potato Dumplings with Smoked Meat

Mashed Potatoes and Chicken

Mashed Potatoes and Chicken

If you are in a place that feels more like a pub than a restaurant, you still might be able to find these simple favorites:

  • Nakládený hermelín – pickled soft cheese
  • Utopenec – pickled sausage
  • Tlačenka – pig’s headcheese. Bits of pork meat served in a grey gelatin with onion and vinegar. For those who want to taste something a bit more authentic!
  • Arašídy – peanuts. Can’t go wrong!
Czech Food - Nakládaný Hermelýn

Nakládaný hermelýn

Food in Pub


Czech Food - Tlačenka


Fast food in Prague

The standard, international fast food restaurants can be found throughout Prague – McDonald’s and KFC seem to be the most popular. Also a number of kebab and late night pizza joints can be found in areas where night life is popular.